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Services & Information ,LLC is a database for tourist and business information and services in Florida with an online portal on the internet. Our goal is to offer a broad knowledge about Florida.



Cities in Florida
We collect interesting details in and about Florida and present them to our visitors on our portal. You find detailed facts about touristic attractions and landmarks with the focal point “East coast, West coast and central Florida.” From Key West to Tallahassee - please click for more -


The Police and the Sheriff
The law enforcement of the United States are divided into 3 categories: the sheriffs, the police and the Highway Patrol. Each of these categories has a different
activity scope. - please click for more -


The fire department in Florida USA.
The organization of the fire departments differs greatly from Germany. In Germany the Fire Department is a public institution that has municipality employees and is supervised by the municipality.
- please click for more -


Hospital in Florida, USA. 
Minor injuries and wounds can be easy treated by pharmacies employees. For more serious emergencies you have to go to the hospitals and dental clinics that are available in large cities for 24 hours 7 days. - please click for more -


Hurricane season - preparation is everything
The hurricane preparation plan is very important for all residents of Florida and we present on our web portal a summary of the important tasks. 
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Banks in Florida.
The following banks are represented in Florida and may be used for services such as money exchange and purchase of traveler's checks.
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Car in Florida USA.
The main transportation in the United States is the car. The visitors and business people are used to drive a car at home but there are some differences here in Florida that everyone should know to drive safely.
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Hotels in Florida USA. 
The biggest difference to hotels in German is that hotels in the United States have often only this purpose: to stay and sleep at night. - please click for more -


Phone use in Florida, USA. 
You can call locally and long-distance from any telephone in the hotel. These calls from the hotel are usually very expensive. To get it cheaper - please click for more -



Most visitors who spend their holidays here stay in a hotel. For  constantly returning visitors from different countries that come often here for the winter months a house or condo is a better solution. Especially in the today's real estate market it is a good time to buy your dream property in Florida. - please click for more - ***Coming soon***


Traveler types in Florida USA
Florida is a country that offers for every tourist at least one thing to enjoy. The entertainment and adventure choices are immense even when not every landmark or museum is interesting for all visitors.
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Restaurants in Florida USA.
In some restaurants the kitchen close at 9 or 10 pm. Therefore call first in case you want to have dinner late at night. When visiting a restaurant in Florida there are a few little details to know.
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Events and celebrations
Life in Florida is very fun-oriented. Many residents like to celebrate and party and every tourists is welcomeed to join these celebrations. - please click for more -



Pharmacies in Florida USA. 
Pharmacies and their products are very different from what you know from your home country. Medications such as headache or general painkillers you can often buy in so-called drugstores such as Walgreens or similar but also supermarkets offer these drugs in smaller selection. - please click for more -


Realtor - the connector between buyers and sellers in the  real estate business.
The Sunshine State of Florida each year attracts millions of visitors and part time residents. These short term residents need a home  to stay and not everyone likes to stay in a hotel. Therefore more and more people buy a house or condo in this beautiful sunny state. - please click for more -


Safety in Florida.
You can also take some actions to protect your safety. The most important tipps for your stay in Florida we put together in this section. - please click for more -





Temperature and Weather in Florida, USA

Here you find the actual weather information for the State of Florida.
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