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Florida offers a lot of events and attractions. Here are a few samples:

If you plan an event or plan to come for a visit we can help you with this project and does not matter if it is a company event, a meeting or a group travel or only a personal visit.

We assist you with the planning of events and visits to Florida for example when you

1.            come for a visit  - see our reported events on the following pages

2.            have a meeting and you need entertainment for ladies, gentlemen or
               attendants during your meeting time. We arrange visits at Florida events
               and attractions

3.            need guided tours through the city for example Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood
               or Miami

4.            would like to visit entertainment parks and national parks

5.            would like to go to shopping malls

6.            would like to attend dinner events or shows

7.            need tickets for an event or a show. We get you the tickets and arrange the
               transportation to the event and back your home here

8.            need the planning of a business event with personally focused topics and

The event planning is individually and focused on your demands and your requirements. For details and request please use this link:




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