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Car in Florida USA.

The main transportation in the United States is the car. The visitors and business people are used to drive by car at home but there are small differences here in Florida which everyone should know:

If I have trouble with my car what should I do so that I am not a danger for the passing traffic.

What speed limits exist in Florida and what should I know to risk no punishment.

What types of gasoline are available and what costs a fill up and how can I find a cheap gas station - useful tips to save money.

In Florida the gas pumps work different as in Germany and payment is also a little different then at home. Some hints on this topic can be found at “refueling”.

There are some parking regulations in Florida which you can recognize at different color on the curb. Important notes to this topic are in “parking”. 

Everyone knows the rules for a smooth commute. In Florida there are some special features you should know to avoid an accidents and an injury.





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