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Hotels in Florida

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Hotels in Florida USA. 

The biggest difference to hotels in German is that hotels in the United States are only for the intended purpose: to stay and sleep at night. You will very rarely find hotels which offer full service like breakfast, lunch and diner. Breakfast is only in some hotels a part of service.

In normal middle class hotel you may perhaps get a Continental breakfast consisting of toast with butter and marmalade and coffee and donuts. Cheese and fruit are only in very rarely available. If you're lucky, this service is included in the price and is not separately charged.

A better alternative for breakfast is one of the large restaurant chains such as “Shonney's” which offer breakfast buffets. The buffets in this restaurant offer a lot of breakfast items and the price is right.

For the remaining meals of the day - lunch and dinner - we also recommend to visit the restaurant chains because the selection of entrees and daily promotions are available. In this case inexpensive meals are possible.

The equipment of the hotels in the United States is not compatible with the standard in Germany. You will find in American hotels often equipments which are not offered in Germany. 

The equipment of a middle-class hotel room includes an ironing board and associated an iron so that your can iron leave own travel iron at home. It also belongs to the standard that a coffee maker with coffee powder and enough cups (plastic) is available in the rooms. Each room has a TV and a games console available. The air conditioning is also standard equipment. Such complete equipment is only available in upscale hotels in Germany.




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