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Hurricane in Florida USA. 

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones which can develop in the sub-tropical latitudes in the period from 1st of June to 30th of November each year.

The hurricane develops over warm water areas where the clouds suck full with water. This air mass become dark clouds on the basis of air pressure and starts to swirl into the higher layers of air because of the earth rotation.

The longer the hurricane turns over the open sea the more force it can develop. The storm moves with a speed from 10 to 50 mph (=15 to 70 KM/h) over the sea.

Before the hurricane becomes a hurricane it has to develop different preliminary stages. First stage of a hurricane is the stage of a tropical depression. At the beginning of this stage the storm gets only a number.

As soon as the storm reaches the power of 39 mph (miles per hour) it gets its name from a list of storm name which are determined for the current year. In this first stage the storm is still a tropical depression. With growing wind speed and power the tropical depression changes into a hurricane with the different categories. The category depends on the wind power within the vortex.

The rotational speed of the air inside the vortex is at least 75 mph (=119 km/h). The higher the rotational speed inside the vortex, the more dangerous the hurricane becomes.

Hurricanes can get 5 different strength categories. Category 5 is the most dangerous Category. The air speed on this stage is more than 156 mph (=249 KM/h). This high-speed vortex of the hurricane is only possible over open waters.

The hurricanes hid most likely on the southeast coast, the Keys, the West Coast, the Everglades and the western Panhandle of the mainland of Florida.

When the hurricane reaches the coast of the land it reduces its speed. The damage caused by a hurricane come mostly from subsequent tidal waves and less from the high wind speeds.

If you are during the hurricane season in Florida then the following rules in case of a hurricane are important and must be followed:

Level 3: The hurricane alert.

There are warnings on television and radio when a hurricane will make landfall in the next 24 hours. The airports in the concerned area will be closed and the National Hurricane Center provides information for further actions on a hotline.

Level 2: Evacuation of affected areas.

The emergency officials informed the pubic with the local radio and television stations which the roads should be used for evacuation. If you are asked to evacuate then locate one of the designated hurricane shelters on and stay there until the storm is over.

Level 3: The complacency.

When the hurricane dissolves or moves into another area the evacuation ends. People may return to their homes. But please stay alert anyway. Torn power lines and flooding can cause accidents.



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