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Pharmacies in Florida USA. 

Pharmacies and their products are very different from what you know from Germany. For sale medication such as headache or general painkillers you can often buy in so-called drugstores such as Walgreens or similar but also supermarkets offer these drugs in the limited range.

However if you need prescription medication or may require advice, you often have to go into the rear of these shops. There behind a small bar the appropriate prescription drugs are sold or a brief counseling is held.

A more comfortable method to buy needed medication is the so-called drive-through window which you can find at many pharmacies. Drive right with your car towards that pharmacy window and make the purchase.

Please read the information on the OTC medications carefully because the ingredient in the bottle of "aspirin" is not necessarily the same substance which you know from Germany and the dose and effect may also vary. "Aspirin" is a substance that is used in various painkillers and a head pills in different doses.

The for sale medication are often in larger packaging units available and cheaper in the United States than in Germany. Therefore you should consider buying a stock here and taking this medicine back to Germany.




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