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Phone use in Florida, USA. 

You can make local calls and long-distance calls from any telephone in the hotel. These calls from the hotel are usually very expensive. For the calls you have to take the appropriate code from the hotel to make phone calls and only with this code you get the desired connection.

In order to save money we recommend the use of prepaid calling cards issued by the various providers. These cards are available at most service stations and in many stores such as Walgreens as well as in the supermarkets at the register.

The use of calling cards is available in the hotels as well as the many public telephones. With these calling cards you have the advantage that you do not need cash money to make phone call. 

Important phone numbers:

For serious emergencies there is the central telephone number:  9-1-1. All incoming calls are coordinated through this number and the dispatcher provides you with needed help - police or ambulance.

Many companies in the U.S. have also free service hotlines which start with the prefix 800 or 888. When using such a hotline, the called company pays for the costs of the call. 

The service number for the landline network in Florida is 4-1-1. For mobile phone with the AT & T network the service number is 6-1-1.

The free US-wide information service number can be reached at 1-800-555 1212. To get information about a particular city please dial 1-city code-555 1212.

For the Germans the central number for the blocking of credit cards is very important. This is 116 116 in Germany.

If you want to call Germany you have to dial the code 01149 (Germany) and the corresponding phone number without the leading 0 of the local network.

The country code for Switzerland is 01131 and for Austria 01143.

For people who make a lot of phone calls in the United States the using of a phone flat rate are recommended. The different Company offer different plans for residential and business user. 





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