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The policy of the Sheriff and the Florida Highway Patrol 
United States of America. 

The Law Enforcement of the United States are divided into 3 categories: the sheriffs, the police and the Highway Patrol. Each of these categories is defined task sphere. 

The police are responsible within their own city limits and ensures there for law and order. In the tourist centers such as Orlando and Miami, there is an additional special police unit which is solely related to the care of the tourists: The tourist police 

Once you are staying in rural areas you are in the scope of the sheriffs. They investigate with their deputies in these rural areas all crimes and misdemeanors. 

The Highway Patrol is only responsible for car accidents and crimes beyond the city limits jurisdiction. 

The distinction between the various police authorities is not easy, but one thing is valid for all together: follow the following rules of conduct. 

If you are asked to stop by the police - the patrol car drives behind you and tried to get you attention - then pull immediately over to the right roadside.

Stay always in your car and put your hands on the steering wheel so that the Police officers can see them. The officers will approach your vehicle and tell you why he stops you.

As long as you follow these simple rules all officials are friendly and helpful.

Infringement and discussion are not recommended and can cause severe reactions from the officers.

The following offenses you should absolutely avoid as a tourist because in this case the police file immediately a record and you can go to jail:

Alcohol consumption in public! 

Drug use in the public! 

Sex in the car, not even with a prostitute!




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