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Restaurants in Florida USA.

In some restaurants the kitchen close at 9 or 10 pm. Therefore call first if you want to eat at this time or later.

When visiting a restaurant in Florida there are a few little details to note:

To equal chance to increase their earnings to all employees of a restaurant or a bar, it is not customary for a guest take a seat by your own in a restaurant. For this reason there is often a sign at the entrance with "Wait to be seated." In addition to the sign at the entrance, there is often a counter on which the seats are allocated. So the guests are equally distributed among the employees and the employees are always busy.

The person at the reception counter accompanies the guest to the table. For this service in the up scaled restaurants a tip is expected. After you have taken your seat you will be only served by the service personnel of this table.

In the case that there is not enough service personnel available to take care of a guest you will be placed at the bar until a table becomes vacant.

The reason for this procedure is that the employee in a restaurant or a bar only receives a small salary. Depending on how friendly and helpful the servant is to the guest the higher will be the tip. This tip is not an extra income to the earning but a salary component. Therefore the employee tries to comfort you so that you are satisfied with the food, drinks and especially with the service. The servant will therefore often ask you if everything is right which is a little bit different from Germany.




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