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Safety in Florida

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Safety in Florida






Safety in Florida USA. 

At the beginning of the 90s negative messages were in the press because in Florida some tourists were robbed and murdered. To avoid in the future such messages the authorities in Florida increases their efforts for the safety of tourists in controlling the highways with normal and civilian police patrol vehicles.

You can also take some measures to protect your safety. The most important hints for your stay in Florida we have put together:

If you make a trip then study the road map before you start. Remember some intermediate points on your way to the targeted location and use large heavily trafficked roads. Avoid abbreviations because they may lead you unknown and dangerous road districts.

Please always lock all your car doors while driving to prevent the opening of the car doors at a traffic light and the stealing of bags or other valuable in the car.

Never leave your car in a dangerous area if you got lost. Try to reach a bigger road and ask at a gas station for directions. You can often ask at the front desk of your hotel which neighborhood you should avoid.

If you have seen an accident on a road - especially in the darkness or in secluded areas and roads – then do not stop at such spots. This incident could be a fake accident. Ignore also pedestrians on the street edges. If you are provoked by rear cars keep cool and go straight ahead. Drive to the nearest gas station and tell the police about the incident in dialing the emergency number 911.

There are on the highways at a distance of approximately 1 KM emergency telephones which you can use. But be careful and alert. You never know if there is someone hidden behind scrubs and bushes in order to threaten you.

Please avoid night trips. If this is not always possible then please do not stay in your car at unwatched resting areas. There the risk that you will be attacked and no one will help you is very great. Drive rather to the watched rest areas at the highway and make there the necessary breaks.

Store all valuable things such as suitcases, camera and computer inside the trunk so a thief do not immediately see these things and recognize them as prey.

If you are on foot please leave your valuable things - jewelry, passport, cash in large amounts, Traveler cheque - in the hotel or at the reception. It is recommended that you make a copy of your passport. You can leave the original passport in the hotel while you take the copy with you.

Avoid looking too much like a tourist. A road map that you constantly use to find streets and place demonstrates that you are a stranger and you become an easy prey for thieves. 

Please put in your hand bag and your camera bag not casually over the shoulder because a thief can snatch these things easily in passing by.

If you get money at a cash machine take only as much money as you absolutely need. A larger withdrawal just to save on fees may attract thieves. 

In the evening hours or at dusk please walk no longer but take a taxi for security reasons. Avoid the center of the cities. These are only busy during business hours and at night they are nearly empty.

If you are attacked then never argue with the robbers and make no resistance. The attacker often wants only the cash. To minimize the loosing amount it is enough to put only some $ 20 notes into your pocket. This allows you to rescue the rest of the money and your papers in this case.  

Please report every case of a robbery. On one hand you give the authorities the possibility to catch the thief and on the other you get prove for your insurance and can receive replacement for the loss. This is particularly important for the loss of Traveler cheque.

When you lose your passport you must immediately report this loss at the embassy or the consulate so that you get new papers and if necessary financial support.




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