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Ur portal "Florida - Informations" is a first information source for your trip to Florida.

The contents of our portal is structed into the following main categories which you can activate by clicking the existing hyperlinks:






"Gasoline" in the United States.
About us
Activities - Florida offers a lot of events and attractions. Here are a few samples:
Addresses of the US Embassy and US Consulates in Germany and Florida.
Adventure Island - Florida, USA.
Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum der Seminolen – Fort Lauderdale/Everglades
Airports in Florida
Alcohol and spirits in Florida USA.
Archiv Florida-Informations.com Florida, USA.
Archiv Newsletter der Florida-Informations.com Florida vereinigte Staaten von Amerika.
Art Deco Festival at Miami Beach – Florida, USA.
Art Fair at Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA.
Auto margins in Florida, USA.
Aventura Mall, Florida, USA.
Badetouristen in Florida North America den Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika.
Baggage in the aircraft.
Banks in Florida USA.
Bathers - beware
Behavior in Florida
Big Shootout at Big Cypress Reservation – Fort Lauderdale.
Boca Raton, Florida United States of America.
Cape Florida Lighthouse on Key Biscayne - Miami.
Car in Florida USA.
Car rental in Florida USA.
Cash funds in Florida USA.
Christmas in July - Easy Riders cuddly teddy bear with a pillion through Miami
Churche in Florida
Clinics Florida E–L
Clinics in Florida A-D
Clinics in Florida M-P
Clinics in Florida S-Z
Coconut Grove, Florida, USA.
Columbus Day in Florida USA.
Conch Republik - Key West, USA
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Conversion tables
Coral Castle, Florida, USA,
Coral Gables, Florida, USA.
Credit cards in Florida USA.
Das Präsidentenamt der Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Disabled tourists in Florida USA.
Drinking water
Dry Tortugas - Florida, USA.
Duck Derby at Fort Laderdale Florida, USA.
Duty - Customs regulations in Florida, United States of America.
Easter in Florida United States of America.
Elderly tourists in Florida USA.
Entry into the United States.
Entry without a Visa into Florida United States of America.
Epcot Walt Disney - Florida, USA.
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Events and celebrations at Florida, Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.
Events in Florida Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Feste Feiertage in Florida USA
Filling up in Florida, USA.
Fishing licenses
Flagler Museum Palm Beach Florida USA
Flamingo Gardens in Florida, USA.
Flight & Car Boot
Florida Information
Florida Tips
Food culture
Food Specialties in Florida USA.
Fort Lauderdale Florida USA
General 1
General 2
Geo and Economics in Florida USA.
Geographical location of Florida USA.
Golfing in Florida, USA.
Hand baggage when flying to Florida USA.
Happy Halloween on 31st of October at Florida, United States of America.
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino – Fort Lauderdale
Help-Desk in Florida USA
Historical Tourist Florida USA.
History of Florida United States of America.
Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World in Florida
Hospital in Florida, USA.
Hotels in Florida
Hurricane season -  Preparation is everything
Hurricane season 09
Hurricane season 10
Hurricane Season 12
Hurricane Season 2008 in Florida.
Hurricane Season 2011 in Florida.
Hurricanenamen Retire
Independence Day in Florida, USA, Fourth of July, 4th July
Info about Florida United States of America.
Information at locations in Florida, USA.
Intercoastal Waterway
Jungle Island – Das Abenteuer-Paradies zwischen Miami und Miami Beach, Florida
Jupiter in Florida USA
Kennedy Space Center Florida United States of America.
Key West in Florida USA
Labor Day in Florida USA.
Language in Florida, USA.
Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World- Florida, USA.
Map of Florida in the United States of America. - Map.
Martin Luther King Day in Florida USA.
Memorial Day in Florida USA.
Miami Beach - Florida, USA.
Miami Florida United States of America.
Museum Deering Estate at Cutler - Miami, Florida
Museum of Discovery and Science – Fort Lauderdale
Nature Related Tourist Florida USA.
Navigation of Florida United States of America
New Year in Florida, United States of America.
News in Florida USA.
Newsletter von Florida-Informations.com
Newsletter von Florida-Informations.com
Newspapers in Florida USA.
Oberer Rand
Opening times
Orlando, Florida, USA
Palm Beach - The city of the rich and famous.
Parking in Florida
Pest control in Florida, USA.
Phone number for Emergency
Phone Public
Phone use in Florida USA.
Police Depart. M-Z in den Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika - Florida.
Police Department
Police Department a-l in den Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika - Florida.
Politics in Florida USA.
Powwow & Seminole Tribal Fair at the Hard Rock Hotel - Fort Lauderdale
President's Day in Florida USA.
Privacy Policy
Real estate - a world of its own in Florida.
Realtor - the intermediary between buyers and sellers of real estate.
Red Bull Day - Red Bull Candola in Fort Lauderdale 2012
Safety in Florida USA.
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sawgrass Mill in Florida, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Sea World - Florida, USA.
Sheriff's Office in den Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika - Florida.
Shopping-Type in Florida United States of America.
Sinkhole in Florida USA.
Speed limit
Sport tourists in Florida, USA.
St. Patrick's Day – 17th of March
St. Patrick’s Day
State Holidays in Florida
Stranahan House Museum - Fort Lauderdale
Street name
Terms of Use
Thanksgiving in Florida USA.
The fire department in Florida USA.
The policy of the Sheriff and the Florida Highway Patrol United States of America.
The post office in Florida USA.
Time zones in Florida USA.
Tipping - an expression of service satisfaction.
Traffic hints
Traffic rules in Florida USA.
Travel Insurance for Florida USA.
Traveler types in Florida United States of America.
Traveling with children in Florida, USA.
TV and radio stations in Florida USA.
Universal Studios - Florida, USA.
Variable national holidays 1.hy in Florida, the United States.
Variable national holidays 2.hy in Florida, the United States.
Veranstaltungen in Florida USA - Veranstaltungakalender
Veteran Day, Florida, USA
Vizcaya in Florida USA
Voltage in Florida USA.
Walt Disney World -  Florida, USA.
Weather in Florida United States of America.
Winter festival at Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA.
X-Mas in Florida United States of America.