An appliance bought by BrandsMart USA can cost you twice

Some retailers seem to forget that the consumers are the reason why they are in business and make money. And believe or not we are also sales persons and very patient but when some service provider or retailers show their disrespect to us that make us upset. We – the customers and clients -are the persons who help the retailers to make money and earn their living. That entitles us at least that they respect our time and deliver what we have ordered and paid for at the scheduled time and according to the agreed terms.

Today we share with you our last experience with the retailer BrandsMart USA. Everybody seems to love them because they are cheap. But do you know that the stock item may be cheap in the store but if you need a delivery because the item is too big for your own car then a simple appliance like a range can become very expensive.

Our client who is a foreign national home owner from overseas bought her furniture at a great furniture chain which has a liaison with BrantsMart USA and got for her purchase a gift card for a range eligible in the technical retailer store BrandsMart USA next door. So far so good – but what the store did not tell her that she has to agree to delivery terms which cost her more than twice the sum of the range.

After the delivery of the furniture we went for our client to the BrandsMart USA store and paid the rest of the range which our client had already chosen and partial paid during her last visit. This payment happens at the beginning of February. At payment time three different persons in the store verified that our client’s range was in stock and the delivery was schedule for the following Saturday between 8 am and noon.

And guess what - the day before the delivery we got a call from the retailer with the message the range is out of stock. That was strange – two days before we paid for our range and know it was gone. Sold out – how could that happen? It was our range and BrandsMart USA was not supposed to sell it to someone else.

When we asked them when they would get this range again into stock, the answer was “we do not know”. They even could not ensure us that they will ever get the same range into stock again. That shattered our confidence to this retailer. And it got worse – they even would not give us the money back for our client. She should come from overseas for her money and we are her local representative during her absence with power of attorney. It is unbelievable!

But it gets better -Then two days ago we got another call on Monday, 3/12/2012 from BrandsMart USA: “we have your range in stock again, when can we deliver?” Good heavens we thought do not lose time and make the delivery as soon as possible and ordered the delivery for the next Wednesday. Do you guess what happens next?

We got yesterday, Tuesday 03/13/2012, a second call which announced the delivery for Wednesday, 03/14/2012 between noon and 6 pm. When we asked BrandsMart USA nicely to give us a more narrow time line because we have to work and cannot wait for 6 hours their answer was: “that is not our problem”. We asked you whose problem is it? Every other retailer or delivery company is able to give us a time frame from 30 minutes to 1 hour for a delivery and BrandsMart USAUSA is unable to do so too? Have their delivery company no cell phones?

And now the worst – we waited the entire time from noon to 6 pm on Wednesday, 03/14/2012 but who did not come: Brand smart USA. And they do not even have the gutter to call and cancel the delivery.

We as customers will make our own math before we buy the next “a great deal” at BrandsMart USA or if our clients ask us:

Is it smart to save $50 on an appliance and stay at home for 6 hours, waiting for the delivery and you cannot earn your living? In case we only take $10.00/hour that ends up to $60.00 loss for this appliance.

So we do not save $50.00 on the purchase – but we pay at least $60.00 and 6 hours of our live time for the appliance. That is not smart and shows the disrespect of some retailers towards us - customers and clients. So we will think twice before we make a purchase at such a retailer!

For our foreign national client this means she has to pay for the appliance and has to pay our house sitting on hourly bases and to make it clear our hourly price is not $10.00. So her range cost her nearly twice the purchase price because BrandsMart USA is unable to properly schedule their delivery and offer basic customer skills during delivery time.

What do you think whom we will recommend when our clients ask us the next time?